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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Facebook Nana

Tuesday’s Thought

Wonders never cease. I did it! I’m now on Facebook (an Internet social network, www.facebook.com). Why? Because I want to stay in touch with a grown son who speaks “Facebook.”

Years ago this same son really wanted to communicate with his grandmother by e-mail. My sister and I bought Mother an e-machine and paid for the monthly Internet cost. But Mom said she was too old to learn all of the new technology, and the e-machine was returned.

That was about 10 years ago. Ten years filled with graduations, and dating, and weddings, and the birth of Mom’s great-grandbabies.

I dearly love my mom, but I made a note to self when she didn’t learn how to use e-mail: “Be uncomfortable. Learn new technology if that’s what it takes to stay in touch with loved ones.”

It’s so easy to send e-mails—once you learn how to do it. And after my son taught me how to use Facebook, I realized that it’s also really easy to use. My fears were unfounded, as were Mom’s a decade ago.

If you have electronically savvy grandchildren, ask them what is the best way to communicate with them—by e-mail, Facebook, or by cell phone. They’ll likely be thrilled if you ask them to teach you how to use today’s technology. Especially when they realize that you want to connect with their hearts.

He is able,

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Anonymous said...

Mary, I do not do facebook either and I probably should learn how to do it, because I hear my kids talking about it a lot. Also there is this chat thing that would be pretty interesting too. I agree, we should try to keep up to the times. I did learn how to text message. Happy New Year to You and Jim. Elaine

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Happy New Year, Elaine, to you and Jim! I actually was pretty intimated about Facebook initially, but it really is easy. I've decided that I'll just check Facebook a couple of times a week--can't do everything. It is great to know more about what's going on with the kids and grandkids by looking at Facebook. Loved your Christmas letter! --Mary

Anonymous said...

I recently heard from a cousin, who just discovered Facebook: "This is my second day to be on facebook! I think this could be addicting. I've heard from more relatives and friends in 24 hours than in the last year."

Yesterday, I invited my brother in Texas to join us online, and I noticed this morning that he's already connected with 8 "friends."

Since I work from home now, I told my husband that I connect with most of my friends via social networks--like Facebook. I can even view pictures of their friends and families whenever I want. And it sure saves on the phone bills. I'm hooked, too! kj