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Friday, December 26, 2008

A New Year's Eve Tradition

Tuesday's Grand Connection Thought

For years, Pops and I have made a list of our wishes, dreams, and prayer requests for the New Year. We put it in an envelope marked “read December 31, _____” and pack the envelope away with the Christmas ornaments.

On New Year’s Eve of the following year, we read whatever we wrote. It’s always amazing to see ways that God answered, and didn’t answer, various things.

We could encourage older grandchildren to begin this tradition with us. We could call or e-mail them next New Year’s Eve and see how God answered their “wish list" and share how He answered ours.

Happy New Year,
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Anonymous said...

Mary, That's a great way to begin the new year--writing down your dreams, wishes, and prayer requests to be read the next year. Thanks for the reminder!

In fact, I remember some prayer requests that we both made in that manner during one of our first writing conference trips (to Atlanta, I think). kj

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Hi, KJ. Yep, I remember writing down those prayer requests at that writing conference. God's beginning to answer them ... in His perfect time. :) - Mary

Anonymous said...

What a marvelous way to begin the New Year. I am making my wish list for 2009. Peace on Earth and good health for family and friends must be first. I will write secret wishes for my children and ask for guidance, patience and love in the coming days. This is really a nice way to learn to wait ... to remind ourselves that we are not in control of everything.... to “be still and know that I am God.” I wish all blessings for a happy, healthful and prayerful New Year and will tuck my secret list with the Angel that tops the Christmas tree. Next December when I unpack the decorations I shall see if I have learned from the “yes” and “no” answers to my requests. Rita