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Monday, January 5, 2009

Have you thought about heaven today?

Tuesday's Thought

Several weeks ago Pops and I were going across town to pick up the grandkids. When we got stalled in traffic, we called to let our son and his wife know about our delay. “Someone must have had a wreck,” we said, “hopefully we’ll be there soon.”

We got off of the Interstate and snaked our way around a side road—along with ten thousand others who had the same idea (okay, this is an exaggeration). Mildly frustrated with the bottleneck, we finally entered a ramp to get back on the freeway. As we went around a curve, I gasped.

We had been thrown upon what seemed like a movie set—a violent movie, at that. Surely I was dreaming. To our left ... on the median of the Interstate, orange flames shot 50 feet or so into the dark night sky. Below them were the charred remains of what looked like an SUV and an 18-wheeler.

Pops and I prayed out loud in our car that night for whoever was in those vehicles. An eerie feeling crept through my bones and I was reminded, once again, that life is short and that eternity is at our fingertips.

What’s this have to do with being a grandparent? Everything: No one is promised tomorrow.

I was reading the other day about how we don’t think much about eternity any more. We’re so consumed with this world that we forget that it’s not our ultimate destination. But the fact is, “We’re just passing through,” as a friend of Pops and mine used to say.

I want to be more like our friend—more intentional about my ultimate citizenship. I want to really live as though this Earth is not my home. Because of this, I've decided to facilitate an online Bible study using Alcorn’s 158-page book (published by Lifeway. It's wonderful! (So are Alcorn's 500+ page book called Heaven, and his smaller book, Heaven for Kids.)

If you have older grandchildren (high school or older), you may want to invite them to do the online Bible study about heaven with you, regardless of where they live. Or, you may just want to do the study yourself.

Here are the details.

If you are wondering what happened to the people involved in the fiery crash, miraculously they all lived. The driver of the tanker escaped from his rig just before it burst into flames.

He is able,

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reminder about heaven for this New Year! Blessings, kj