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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Memories from a Christmas Tree

Tuesday’s Thought

As Jim and I decorated the Christmas tree this past weekend, we were reminded of how time flies by. We pulled out ornaments from yesteryear and saw some small handmade decorations adorned with pictures of little boys and girls who are now grown … and have Christmas trees and children of their own.

Dated satin balls are hanging on our tree. Jim's parents gave them to us when each of our children were born. There’s a construction-paper star covered in glitter that dangles from a red ribbon. And a paper angel, that must be two decades old, faithfully crowns our tree. It’s surrounded by various cross ornaments and miniature nativities that remind us of the real meaning of Christmas.

Resting on the tree skirt is an ornament of the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. My brother and his wife gave it to us a very long time ago. Who would have guessed that the New Orleans they knew then would not exist today. As I held the small replica I was reminded that things don’t stay the same … that it’s important to value today, because tomorrow is not promised.

When Jim and I hung the silver icicles, I remembered my own dad telling us kids to hang them one by one—no “throwing” of icicles allowed. (How I’d love to see Dad today!)

And with each handmade stocking, I recalled a yesterday when our house was filled with the sounds of children 24-7.

Ah … Christmas! It’s filled with so many hopes and dreams. And it overflows with sweet memories of times … and places … and people … who will always live in our hearts.

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Eliana said...

Thanks for sharing memories from your Christmas tree.

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the blog today, Eliana. It was fun remembering. Merry Christmas! - Mary