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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Special Children ... Angels in Disguise

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Tuesday's Grand Connection Thought

by Mary May Larmoyeux

Have you ever heard special children described as angels in disguise? Deborah, the mother of a son with Down Syndrome, says that she is blessed to be his mother. I think she's right.

And Rita describes her special child in her poem Beyond, "Jacob 's understanding is deeper than mine when he shares a tangent of his world."

I'll never forget the day when I went grocery shopping with a bad attitude and met someone with deep understanding. A young man sacked my groceries who had some obvious developmental delays. As he neatly packed cans, sacks of flour and sugar, and packages of meat into brown paper bags, he had a smile on his face. And then he joyfully pushed my loaded cart to my car.

After he had put the groceries into the trunk, I handed him a dollar bill. I will never forget what he did next. He stood like a toy soldier, saluted me and said, "Here to serve."

Well ... I didn't just go grocery shopping that day ... I also had an attitude adjustment. I can't tell you how many times I've thought about that young man and the lesson that he taught me.

A few years ago I had the privilege of helping Robert Ward write an article "Running from How God Made Me." I also learned much from his words ... and from his heart. Here is Robert's version of Psalm 139:

                                       Our Heavenly Father's Heart
                               to Those Who Are Made Imperfect 
                                                       by Robert Ward

O Lord thou hast searched me, and known me. Thou know my down sitting and my uprising, Thou understands my thoughts afar off.

Father God sees how each child of His is made either imperfect or perfect and the days that each one will live here on earth are in His book of remembrance.

From birth to death, He writes down each struggle and challenge in his or her life.

The struggles of one with a speech impairment … when others have a hard time grasping his words … to someone who is blind and struggles with getting a seeing eye dog or a cane … to whatever the
disabilities are—nothing escapes His notice.

When others take for granted what they have, and don't recognize those who are not as they are, Our Heavenly Father sees. Yes, He sees what man doesn't see—which are the days that are fashioned for the each person. The days that are fashioned for me to live.

Do you have a special grandchild, an angel in disguise? What has he/she taught you?

He is able,

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