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Friday, February 28, 2014

Writing Birthday Letters

Friday's Grand Connection Fun
by Mary May Larmoyeux

"If you could go to lunch with anyone, who would it be?" That question was asked at a meeting I attended, and most people said their grandparents. When asked "Why?" the common response was "I never really knew them."

Did you know all of your grandparents? I only knew two. Thinking about this has reminded me of the importance of writing our grandkids letters.

A few of years ago Pops and I started a new tradition with the grands—writing each of them a birthday letter. I read this idea somewhere—I think in the Littauers’ book Making the Blueplate Special. I thought it was a great, very doable idea.

It’s been fun for Pops and me to share in our letters memories of the actual “birth day.” We’ve also included memories during the year and a Bible verse that reminds us of the particular child or one that we’ll be praying for that child.

Although some may want to write birthday letters by hand, I prepare ours on the computer and then personally sign them. I include special pictures in the body of the letter, and print the letter in color.

Pops and I not only give each grandchild his/her birthday letter, but also keep a copy into a notebook that we’ll give the grandchild when he/she is 18 or 21. (How I wish I could open up a notebook and read 18 or 21 letters from my grandparents.)

Now, I have to confess, I'm a little behind on some birthday letters. I just have to remember that the letters will be special to the grands, even if they are late ... and even if they don't a birthday letter every single year. But what would I give for just one letter from each of my grandparent!?!

What do you do to make special memories on your grandchildren’s birthdays? How did your grandparents remember your birthday?

Have a great weekend,
Mary May Larmoyeux

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Anonymous said...

I never knew any of my grandparents but, unaware, they left something for their grandchildren. Our maternal grandmother died of cancer and when ill, she decided to study botany. She had a lovely book of colored specimen and wrote (in German) the family of each plant. I took pages from the book and framed them for each grandchild and many great grandchildren. Mine hangs in the dining room. It is nice to see her handwriting. Our paternal grandmother was French and memorized a complete book of Tennyson’s poetry. I hold the thumb worn cover of that little book and feel that I am touching her hand. In a special way, these little treasures hold beautiful memories of our grandparents. Blessings, Rita

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful way to connect with the grandchildren. I still look at pictures and writings from my grandparents whom I never Knew and just try to understand their personalities, the sound of their voices... their humor. Do I have similar eccentricities, likes... dislikes? I only know what my parents said about them. Your grandchildren are so fortunate to receive birthday letters. What a legacy. I save our e-mails and letters and keep a file on each grandchild holding drawings, school plays, pictures, honors, etc. and now have started on great-grandchildren. Rita