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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where's my picture?

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Tuesday's  Grand Connection Thought

by Mary May Larmoyeux

A few weeks ago I wrote about having an indoor picnic with the grandkids. It was just too hot for an outdoor picnic! So, we spread a plastic tablecloth on the floor and had a picnic in the den.

I asked the grandkids to draw pictures of the sky, sun, flowers, etc., and we taped them around the room to give us an outdoor feel. They had fun and it was a really easy way to entertain them.

Well, this weekend the grands came over. When our three-year-old grandson walked into the den he looked around the room and said, "Where are the pictures?" I didn't know what he meant at first and then he added, "from our picnic."

Well ... those particular pictures went into File 13. I just said, "Why don't you draw some new pictures," and he and his sister did.

After our grands left I decided to get a three-ring notebook and put their artwork in it. Next time when our three-year-old grand asks about his pictures, I'll have them.

How do you save your grandkids' artwork? Any tips for us?

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Anonymous said...

I love the question “where are my pictures?” because I’ve been there. I would leave a present in the little cubby hole play room for the visiting grandchildren and on one early visit I forgot. My granddaughter pulled me aside and whispered, "Someone forgot to leave a present in the playroom.” I keep a drawer of little gifts and immediately placed one in a corner for her. Also, I keep the pictures and letters from grandchildren in my “treasure box.”They know where it is and often look through it as do I. Blessings, Rita