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Co-author of The Grandparent Connection: 365 Ways to Connect With Your Grandchild's Heart

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little Grandmama

Tuesday's Grand Connection Thought

by Mary May Larmoyeux

Jay Grelen, who writes the Sweet Tea column for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, once told his readers about Little Grandmama. He had found her Bible and it had only one line of handwriting: Tribulation worketh patience. Romans 5:3.

Jay said he wondered what Little Grandmama was thinking as she penned those words. "Her inscription is a word from beyond," he said, "a pebble she dropped exactly at the spot on my trail where I needed guidance."

As grandparents, doesn't that just give you chills wondering if perhaps something we write to our grandchildren today will be used by God tomorrow at just the right moment. Perhaps in generations to come, a great-great grandchild's finger will trace over our words in a worn Bible or yellowed letter. Perhaps our legacy will silently thank us for giving them hope ... for reminding them that God has a plan ... that things do work out.

"Little Grandmama knew," Jay said. "And one day she took pen in gentle hand and put it to paper, knowing that up the trail aways, we, too, would need to know."

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Anonymous said...

“Little Grandmama” is beautiful. My Grandmere Josephine, who was born in Alsace Lorraine, studied botany just to keep her mind off her illness before she died. I have pages from her Botany Book with her handwriting beside each flower and plant. The colors are still vibrant. I framed pages for each of my siblings. She also wrote a sad yet beautiful poem before her demise. We treasure the hand writing from the grandmother we never knew. Blessings, Rita

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Rita, that was a wonderful idea to frame individual pages of your Grandmere Josephine's Botany Book for your siblings. How neat that her handwriting is beside each flower and plant! One of my sisters cut up squares from my grandmother's quilt and had them individually framed for our siblings.

Anonymous said...

“Little Grandmama” is priceless. My mother quoted my grandmother when we were to attend any event. “Promptness is the courtesy of kings.” I have drilled it into my children as well. Blessings, Rita