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Friday, September 24, 2010

Puzzles Anyone?

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Friday's Grand Connection Fun

Do you work puzzles with your grandkids?

When two of the grands were at our house not too long ago, they had a great time putting a package of School Zone puzzle cards together to make three-letter words. For example: the entire picture of a dog was on three 4x6 cards (the ears and head were on one card: D; his stomach on another: O; and the third card had his tail: G).

From a stack of cards, the kids had to find the three cards that formed the picture of the dog and put them together. Then the older grandchild spelled the word by looking at the letters.

It would be so easy to make our own sets of puzzle cards. We could do this by printing pictures on cardstock and cutting each picture into pieces. If we wanted to make easy three-word puzzles for the young crowd, we could print a picture (example, family dog) on cardstock, cut it in thirds, and put the individual letters of a word on the separate pieces.

We could also make larger printed pictures (on cardstock) for the older crowd, and cut them into many pieces.

Here are some more puzzle ideas. The website Discovery Education has a neat puzzle-making program! In a few minutes we can make a maze, word search, hidden message puzzle, and more. Wouldn't it be great to mail special, custom-designed puzzles to the long-distance grandkids!

Of course, puzzles can be great to work as a family. Do you have special childhood memories of putting puzzles together?

Have a great weekend,

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Sharon Ball said...

Great ideas, Mary! I love puzzles.

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Sharon, the other day I gave our grands a parrot puzzle. We could have sure used your help putting it together--it was harder than it looked!