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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Garage sales and life

Garage-sailing, anyone?

Tuesday's Grand Connection Thought
by Mary May Larmoyeux

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As we pause to remember the events of September 11, 2001, may we consider the value of life itself.

Several years ago, one of my good friends, Karen Jordan shared a very though-provoking article that someone in her family wrote. I wanted to pass the article on to you. It sure made me think about what really matters in this world. After all, we grandparents have only so many years to invest in our legacy.

Enjoy the article!  You'll be glad that you read it.


“Garage-sailing” became the best venue to interact with my grown daughter early on Saturday mornings this summer. The only way to get to know her, as an adult, seems to require a loss of sleep on my part. Her menagerie of young children, pets, and strong-willed husband leaves little time for me to ever talk privately with her.

After four or five hours of visiting garage and yard sales ... read more.

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Karen Jordan said...

Thanks, Mary! I wanted to be sure to acknowledge that someone else in the "Jordan family" wrote that piece, not me! I'd love to take credit for it, but... :) Anyway, thanks again for calling attention to the article in my blog!

TNT said...

Great message…Thanks!
For my own estate, I’ve learned to let go of stuff and get it too the right person while I’m alive. Also, I have begun to spend more time finding out what my children and grandchildren value of mine because, sadly, what they treasure changes and is different then mine. And this allows me to re-visit family stories and history! On a similar line of thinking, with all the MUMMIES advertising for the upcoming Egyptian Art Museum Exhibit, I had wondered what the Egyptian royalty and common folks of those days would change if they knew that thousands of years later others on earth were gawking at their mummified bodies and burial stuff.