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Friday, January 16, 2009

Going to the White House ... Internet Style

Friday's Fun

With Inauguration Day just around the corner, this is a great time to help the grandkids learn about various U.S. Presidents. www.whitehouse.gov has some wonderful information and activities for everyone.

Here's just a sampling of what's available:

Info. about various Presidents—click on their pictures

Quizzes and games for the kids

Presidential biographies

White House Pets

Ask the White House (an online interactive forum)

Coloring Pages (of Presidents)

Videotapes of Presidential pets – here’s one about Barney at Christmas

I had no idea that all of the above, and much more, is available on the Internet. There’s something for everyone—even panoramic views of rooms in the White House!

We can visit this website with our local grandkids. For long-distance grands, we can connect by phone, both log on to this website at the same time, and then visit various links together.

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm forwarding this one to my grandkids. Great links! kj

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Glad that you enjoyed this, KJ!
-- Mary