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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Writing your family stories: let the journey begin

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Tuesday's Grand Connection Thought

by Mary May Larmoyeux

When Carnegie Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, was razed almost 50 years ago, Carl Martin picked up 16 limestone drums and loaded them into his pickup truck. According to the January 24, 2009, issue of The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 45 years later, those same 16 drums are back in their original formation of four columns (four drums per column). 

They now proudly stand in front of the Main Library in Little Rock because the Martin family donated them to the library. “If you had to buy those drums, Bobby Roberts (the library system’s director) said, “they’d cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get.”

Well, who would have guessed in 1964 that 16 discarded drums (considered debris by most) would one day be prized treasures?

This story made me think of my legacy and reminds me of the importance of passing down the “pillars” of family history. I'm finally starting to  write down the stories that portray the character, values, and faith of Pops' and my grandkids’ forefathers. After all, I don’t want the "columns" of our family to be forgotten ... buried in my mind for decades, if not forever.

Have you written down your family stories? Whether you have or haven't, you may want to visit the StoryWriting Studio blog. I'm now posting on it on Fridays.

Last Friday I began to write about how we can tell our personal stories. As I blog about this, I am going to be creating a book of family stories for Pops' and my legacy.

Want to join me in a story-writing journey? Then go to the StoryWriting Studio post How to begin to tell your personal stories.  And please tell your friends about this. Thanks!

Have a wonderful week,

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