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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I heard it in the beauty salon

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Tuesday's Grand Connection Thought

by Mary May Larmoyeux

"I hope that I look as good as she does," said the woman sitting next to me in the beauty salon. "She taught me in the first grade. I'm 77 and she'll soon be 100."

I glanced at the elderly lady with small rollers in her hair; it was hard to believe that she had lived for almost a century. No wonder her face was lined with wrinkles marking decades of life. She looked like one who had grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and even great-great grandchildren.

"She amazing," the woman waiting for the stylist said. "Nothing rattles her."

Have you ever noticed that age does not really change the character of most people? The love and patience and kindness (or lack of) that we practice today ... and then tomorrow ... form who we will be decades from now.

"She still has that quiet confidence," her former student said. 

Yes, the elderly woman was still teaching ... still showing other generations how to succeed in this thing called life.

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