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Co-author of The Grandparent Connection: 365 Ways to Connect With Your Grandchild's Heart

Friday, January 17, 2014

Fun with egg cartons

Our grandkids can have so much fun with simple, everyday objects—like an egg carton. The games kids (and even adults) can play with it are endless!

Today, I'm referring to a empty carton that holds 18 eggs. Here are some ways we could use it. Younger children could go on scavenger hunts and sort their treasures in rows. For example, this could be done by color (i.e., blue objects on first row, yellow objects in second row, etc.), by shape (objects shaped like a circle in one row, like squares in second row .... , or by likeness (smooth objects in first row, rough objects in second row, etc.).

What happens when we cut an 18-count egg carton in half?  Viola! We have two tic-tack-toe "boards," each with three rows of three.  These could provide hours of entertainment on a trip. Instead of x's and o's children could use different values of coins (i.e., pennies and nickles), or squares of paper in two different colors.

We could brainstorm with our grandkids about all of the things that can be done with an egg carton. In addition to the above ideas, how about using them for water colors or to sort change or group rubber bands by similar sizes or colors?

What ideas do you have for using egg cartons?  I almost forgot one—put eggs in it!

Have a great weekend,

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Anonymous said...

Mary, You re too funny! “Put eggs in it.” I recall teaching the children to plant little seedlings in egg cartons at one time so they could watch the growth. The simple toys are the best. --Rita

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Rita, that's a great idea about planting little seedlings in the egg cartons!