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Friday, November 7, 2008

Let's Make Napkin Rings

Friday’s Fun

Here’s something fun and easy we can to do with the grandkids—make napkin rings. Two year olds can even put together the simple ones pictured here. To make them, just cut some toilet paper rolls in half (I actually folded the rolls in half and cut them), cover them with foil, and added a sticker. What could be simpler?

Instead of using foil, older grands could paint them and add decorative drawings. Of course, holiday themes could be added such as stickers of turkeys and Christmas trees. Or, shapes such as stars and bells that have been cut out of cardboard, painted, and decorated with glitter could be glued to the napkin rings.

I’m going to help our nearby grands make some holiday napkin rings and will be mailing our long-distance grands some stickers and sheets of foil along with a copy of this post and a letter from Nana. (Their mom will have plenty of toilet paper tubes.)

You can google other napkin rings ideas. I liked these do-it-yourself napkin rings.

Have fun!

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thanksgiving graphics said...

your napkin ring is lookin awesome ..

happy thanksgiving 20008 !! :)

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea! I'm always trying to find simple projects for my grandkids. And I like how you can make this little project simpler (and less messy) for the smaller ones. kj