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Friday, August 22, 2008


Friday’s Fun

(Before I forget ... as I mentioned in the July 1 blog, if you leave a comment during the month of July or August, I will enter your name in a drawing for a copy of the book While They Were Sleeping: 12 Character Traits for Moms [Grandmoms] to Pray. I’ll draw a name on September 1 and will announce the winner’s name in the September 2 blog.)

Now is a great time to make some special bookmarks for your grands who are in school. If they live nearby, have fun making them together.

If you’re a long-distance grandparent, you could make the bookmarks yourself and mail them … or you could send materials to your grandkids so they can personalize their own bookmarks.

To Make Bookmarks

  • Cut cardstock paper into bookmark size (approximately 1 ½” by 5”)
  • Decorate the paper with sketches, pictures, Bible verses, stickers, etc.
  • Either cover the bookmarks with clear contact paper or have them laminated at a teacher supply store

Have fun!

Also, if you have any of your old schoolbooks, this is a great time of year to let your grandchild thumb through them. Compare and contrast today’s books with those of yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun idea. Thanks!