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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Beginning of School

Tuesday’s Thought

Yesterday one of our grands started kindergarten—the years sure fly by, don’t they! Pops and I talked with her on the phone last night and she was so excited. She told us about some of her new friends. She also said that everyone in her class earned a marble for their class jar. “When the jar is full we get a party!”

A friend told me that her little grand was excited about wearing a “unicorn” to school on her first day. (Of course, “unicorn” is really uniform.)

Other friends told Pops and me that they helped their granddaughter get ready for kindergarten by taking her to the school a few days before her class began. They let her have fun on the playground and then walked around the school with their grandchild praying for her teacher and school year. Great idea!

Another great idea someone once shared with me is to ask for a copy of your grandchild’s school calendar. You may want to mark down important dates such as Grandparents Day, Christmas holidays, graduation, etc. Also, many schools are online. You may want to find out the URL for your grands’ schools so you can keep up with ongoing activities.

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