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Friday, July 25, 2008

Family Traditions

Friday's Fun

“Recipes, collections, activities—almost anything can become family tradition,” say the Littauers in their book The Blue Plate Special. They say to “start with something that appeals to the majority. Maybe that’s sharing cinnamon rolls together (homemade or store bought, it doesn’t matter) the first Saturday morning of every month.”

I remember my family eating lunch with my grandparents every Sunday after church. We ate in a cafeteria and played a little game called “who can eat for the least amount of money.”

One of Pops' and my traditions when our kids were growing up was regularly marking their heights on a door. We’re continuing this tradition with the grands. They love to see how much they’ve grown! We draw a line for their height, include a date and first name, and sometimes even take pictures when we measure how tall they are.

Would you share a tradition that you have with your grandkids ... or a tradition that your grandparents had with you?

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Anonymous said...

One of our Family Traditions, is our Ice Cream Sundae Tradition. Every Thanksgiving we all gather at a local resort/timeshare for 3 entire days and all head for home on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. During this time we partake of several Traditions, but the one the kids seem to enjoy the most is Our Ice Cream Sundae contest. We provide all kinds of Sundae condiments and then the kids can decorate their ice cream anyway they want and have to give a description of what they have decorated. It is amazing how their imaginations function. This coming year, we are going to let the two oldest Collage Boys supervise and lead the Ice Cream Sundae contest, oh btw, everyone gets a prize all 15 or 16 or them, the baby is a little too young yet. Thanks for listening. Elaine

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

What a great and delicious idea, Elaine!
-- Mary