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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Reunions

Tuesday's Thought

Hope that your week is beginning well.

I went to a genealogy seminar on Saturday and sat next to a man who told me about his family’s annual reunion. The adult family members take turns planning an annual potluck. Some relatives will travel hundreds of miles to attend it while others may live only a few blocks from wherever the reunion is held.

A friend of mine shared that her family has a big reunion every two years—again taking turns planning it. Their reunions last several days. One year each family was sent a quilt square to decorate (by sewing messages, printing a picture, writing in fabric markers, etc.). All of the squares were assembled into a beautiful family quilt that is proudly displayed at each reunion.

This past spring our family had a one-day reunion and it was so much fun that we plan to repeat it every two years in different parts of the country. Our first official reunion was simple—we met in a hotel, ate lunch and spent the afternoon (and the night and next day) visiting with one another. It was great to watch Mom with her great-grandchildren … and to capture this through pictures.

Have you ever had a family reunion? Do you have any tips for newcomers to this wonderful tradition like me?

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