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Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter ideas for grandchildren of all ages

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Friday's Grand Connection Fun
by Mary May Larmoyeux

Easter will soon be here ... with its frilly baskets, chocolate-covered Easter eggs, and the Bunny Rabbit himself. 

Of course Easter is much more than these things. Now is a great time to sit down with the grandchildren and talk about the real reason we celebrate this holiday: the crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

One way to do this is by going through a set of FamilyLife's Resurrection Eggs. These plastic eggs contain small objects that represent Christ's crucifixion (the 12th egg is actually empty, representing the empty tomb). Pops and I share these with our grandchildren year after year. As a matter of fact, I just bought a new set today to mail to our out-of-town grandkids.

Of course, are lots of Easter crafts that we can do with our grandchildren. What are your favorite ones? Here are some that I discovered on the Internet (for both the younger and older crowds):

Sheep Eggs: This cute critter will be an Easter favorite.

Egg chickens: These adorable chicks have felt features.

Paper-Napkin Decoupage Eggs: Uses Mod Podge (available from craft stores) and patterns from paper napkins. Includes directions for how to hollow out an egg.

Napkin Applique Easter Eggs: This craft also includes directions for how to hollow out an egg and uses school glue and paper napkins to make beautiful, unique eggs.

For long-distance grands:

Mail younger grandchildren supplies for an Easter craft such as Egg Chickens. Send directions, plastic eggs, and felt. Ask the grandchildren to send you a picture of their completed chicks. It could be fun to make some yourself, and then send a picture of them to your grands.

And we could call, e-mail, or text older long-distance grands with directions for the Paper-Napkin Decoupage Eggs or Napkin Applique Easter Eggs. Again, share photos of the finished product with one another. If these grandchildren will be with you on Easter day, you might ask them to add their creations to small baskets that will decorate the Easter table.

Have a great weekend,
Mary May Larmoyeux

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Anonymous said...

I still make Easter Bunny Cakes for the little ones. Blessings, Rita

Mary Mary Larmoyeux said...

I'm so glad that you mentioned your adorable Easter Bunny Cake! I'm going to post the recipe for it tomorrow (April 8, 2011). -- Mary