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Friday, October 30, 2009

Donut Dates to Krispy Kreme

Friday’s Grand Connection Fun
by Mary May Larmoyeux

A fun thing that Pops and I have done with all of our grands is to take them on a “donut date”—right to the donut factory itself—Krispy Kreme.

There’s a Krispy Kreme not too far from where we live. I think the grandkids and I enjoy watching the donuts being made even more than eating them. Well … almost.

What could be better than a piping hot glazed donut—especially one with all of the calories removed? Of course, there are not just plain donuts at Krispy Kreme. There’s a counter-display filled with donuts of different sizes and shapes—chocolate covered with sprinkles, strawberry filled, cinnamon apple, ...

On a recent trip to Krispy Kreme, did our grands just want glazed donuts? No, they wanted pumpkin donuts. Guess what? They got pumpkin donuts.

Pops and I bring the camera when we take grands on donut dates. We’ve snapped some great pictures and captured some great memories.

Perhaps one day, when Pops and I are no longer on this earth, our grands will be eating donuts with their kids and they’ll say, “I remember when our grandparents took us to the donut shop.” And later they might even take out a tattered scrapbook and point to an old picture—a picture of Pops and me enjoying a Saturday morning with our legacy at Krispy Kreme.

Is it time for you to take your grands on a donut date?

If they live out of town, you could send them a gift card to a donut store and ask the kids' parents to e-mail you a picture of the grands eating donuts. You might respond by e-mailing your own memories of your "donut days."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
That is a great idea. Donuts with the grandkids. We do have pics of our grandchild from Boston at H. B’s Barbecue where he learned to love BBQ. We also took some pictures of a granddaughter at a Chocolate Factory loaded with bags of Baci Chocolate. They all love doughnuts ...on the list. Blessings, Rita

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Hi, Rita! Enjoying BBQ and chocolate with the grands sounds great. It would be so much fun to go to a chocolate factory! Reminds me of the movie Willie Wanka and the Chocolate Factory. (I haven't thought of that in years.) Our boys loved it.