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Friday, September 26, 2008

Let's Make Fall Placemats

Friday Fun

It’s beginning to feel a lot like … fall. Don’t you just love the cool autumn days and the changing colors! What a great time to make fall placemats with your grandkids.

Here’s how:

· Snap some pictures of the grands holding pumpkins, sitting in a pile of leaves, or standing by trees that are turning fall colors. Print out the pictures. Glue or tape the back of each selected picture onto a piece of placemat-size construction paper.

· Help your grand write a Bible verse about changing seasons on each placemat, such as Daniel 2:21: “He changes times and seasons.” Discuss the verse and memorize it together.

· Now, help your grand decorate the placemat with personal drawings, his/her name, stickers, prints of leaves made from a purchased leaf stamp or a homemade “potato leaf stamp” (directions below), words describing things he/she is grateful for, etc.

· Date each place mat.

· You can either laminate the placemats with clear Contact paper or go to a teacher supply store or copy shop and have them laminated professionally.

How to Make a Leaf Potato Stamp

Wash several baking potatoes and cut them in half (width). Using a sharp knife, carve out the shape of a leaf (a different shape on each potato).

On each potato, cut away the potato surrounding the shape so that the shape of the leaves will be about one-fourth of an inch. Presto—you have your stamp.

Pour paints of fall colors into bowls (throw-away bowls are nice to use). Help your grand dip a stamp into a shallow bowl of paint. Now it’s ready for your grand to stamp his/her masterpiece.

Have fun!

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