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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Field Trip in Honesty

Tuesday’s Thought

Several weeks ago, I mentioned a wonderful book that I’m praying through for our grands, While They Were Sleeping by Anne Arkins and Gary Harrell (It can be ordered from FamilyLife.). It focuses on praying for 12 character traits in our kids’/grandkids’ lives.

Since Jim and I have five grandkids, I use While They Were Sleeping to pray for one grand each day of the workweek (Monday-Friday). I’ve been praying through the “Teachability” section. It explains that teachability is developing a heart-attitude that seeks God’s guidance for living to honor Him each day. Well, on Wednesday, our three-year-old granddaughter and I are going to have a "field trip."

Recently, I purchased some items for our out-of-town grands who were spending the weekend. They included a nightgown and a pair of church socks. When I checked the receipt, I realized that somehow the price for the nightgown had rung up for $1.80 instead of $9.99 and the socks weren’t even on the tab!

I’ve got to go back to the store, I moaned to myself. And then I thought, Ahhh … A teaching opportunity. ... but, I didn’t have time that weekend to return to the store.

So, when our in-town grand comes over in a couple of days, we're going to bring the incorrect receipt to the store and explain what happened. I want to pay the money owed and talk to our grand about what it means to be honest. I hope that God will prepare her little heart so this will be a teachable moment—one that might be etched in her mind forever.

Next Monday I’ll give you an update on our “field trip in honesty.”

How have you seized teachable moments with your grands?

He is able,

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