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Friday, June 13, 2008

Birthday Letters

Friday Fun

Last week we celebrated the first birthday of one of our grandkids. In the past year he’s grown from a helpless infant to a toddler who walks everywhere. (Yes, he started walking when he was 10 months old!)

About a year or so ago Pops and I started a new tradition with the grands—writing each of them a birthday letter. I read this idea somewhere—I think in the Littauers’ book Making the Blueplate Special. I thought it was a great, very doable idea.

It’s been fun for Pops and me to share in our letters memories of the actual “birth day.” We’ve also included memories during the year and a Bible verse that reminds us of the particular child or a Bible verse that we’ll be praying for that child.

Although some may want to handwrite birthday letters, I type ours on the computer. I include special pictures in the body of the letter, and print the letter in color.

Pops and I not only give each grandchild his/her birthday letter, but also keep a copy into a notebook that we’ll give the grandchild when he/she is 18 or 21. (How I wish I could open up a notebook and read 18 or 21 letters from my grandparents.)

What do you do to make special memories on your grandchildren’s birthdays? How did your grandparents remember your birthday? Please share in a comment.

If you'd like me to put your idea in a comment for you, just send it in an e-mail to mary@marymaywrites.com. (Please let me know how you want your comment signed--first name, no name, nickname, etc.)

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Elaine said...

Thanks Mary, that is a great idea, especially including the BV that you are praying for them; and then keeping the letters on file so they can look at them when they are 40 or 50 or so. Last year for one our grand daughter's birthday, we made a list of "10 Reasons we appreciate Kelli"; she was thrilled with it. We put it on poster board and then laminated it. It went over well. I think kids need the positive re-enforcement and lots of prayers. Elaine

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Hi, Elaine,

What a great idea to make a list of reasons you appreciate your grandkids and then laminate it. Thanks for sharing.