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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shhhh, please don't tell the grandkids.

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Tuesday's Grand Connection Thought

Many years ago I taught school ... and I loved it. One year the PTA purchased some wonderful hardback books for the children; that were blank inside. The kids had a great time designing their covers and writing their stories!

Like these students, one of our granddaughters loves to write "books." She's only seven years old and her "books" are really short stories filled with lots of hand drawn pictures. Her last story had an "author page" where she printed her name and then said that she "rote this book." I loved it!

Well, here's my secret! (And, if you know our grandkids, please don't tell them.) Pops and I are going to give each of our grandchildren a blank hardback book as one of their Christmas presents. I discovered them on the Internet and thought that you might want to check them out for yourself. They are called Bare Books.

Do your grandkids like to write? Do you?

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