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Friday, September 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Fun

Friday's Grand Connection Fun

In the August 2009 issue of Family Fun magazine, grandparents Patrica and Paul Slaga of North Carolina shared a unique idea. They have "Tricky Treasure Hunts" with their grands.

In either their house or yard, the Slagas hide several wrapped "inexpensive treasures" such as small toys, art supplies, gummy bears, stickers, etc. Their grandkids work together to solve brainteasers to locate each prize (the prizes could also be together at the end of several clues). 

The Slagas give creative clues using verses with missing rhymes, symbols or pictures taking the place of words, or numeric codes.

Here are some examples of possible clues:

Verse: "Jack and Jill went up the _________." Answer: hill. So the next clue or prize will be on whatever your grandchild will know is the "hill."

Picture: Have a picture of a refrigerator and either tape the next clue to your refrigerator door or put a small prize inside your refrigerator.

Numeric code clue: Assign each letter of the alphabet a number such as a = 1; b = 2; c = 3 ... z = 26. If your first clue is: The next clue will be by the 2 12 21 5 chair. Answer: blue. Then, the next clue will be by the blue chair.

Another idea is to send a grandchild on a magazine or newspaper scavenger hunt. Jot down some age-appropriate questions about various articles, words in headlines, photos, etc., and give them to the grands. After they find the answers to the questions, reward them with some type of wrapped prize or treat.

It would be pretty easy for us to prepare these types of scavenger hunts for out-of-town grands. We could send the clues to them in the mail with small wrapped prizes or extra money for an ice cream cone, etc.

Do you have any scavenger hunt ideas? Did you go on scavenger hunts as a child?

Have a great weekend,
Mary May Larmoyeux

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Anonymous said...

Can I play , too? Octogenarian Granny Rita.

kylie capshaw said...

Birthday parties and all other parties are not complete without scavenger hunt! We don't want dull and boring events, so playing games and other stuff make parties more enjoyable!

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Kylie, thanks for reminding us that scavenger hunts are great for birthday parties! -- Mary