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Friday, June 25, 2010

Outdoor summer fun

Friday's Grand Connection Fun

by Mary May Larmoyeux

Looking for some fun things to do with the grandkids this summer? The National Wildlife Federation's website says that today's kids spend more than seven hours a day in front of electronic media, and only four to seven minutes a day outside.That's why it's asking parents and grandparents to join their Be Out There™ movement.

If you sign the Be Out There pledge, you'll receive an email with a link to download a Summer Survival Guide. It's filled with games, ideas for outdoor activities, and more.

And, while we're "out there" with the grandkids, we may want to have an outdoor scavenger hunt. The National Wildlife Federation gives an example of one on its website. They suggest that the kids collect items such as "a blade of grass longer than your finger, an acorn cap, a leaf on the ground, a pine cone, etc." Of course, you and I could design a scavenger hunt based on what's available in our unique backyards and neighborhoods.

We could also ask the older grandkids to plan an outdoor scavenger hunt for their younger brothers and sisters. And we could help our grandkids design one for their long-distance cousins—mailing clues and scavenger hunt objects to them.

What fun things have you done with your grands outside?

Have a great weekend,
Mary May Larmoyeux

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Anonymous said...

My sister had six children. When they were small, she bought a large paint brush for each, gave them a new bucket filled with water and let them “paint” the front porch, the house and the sidewalk. It took hours in the fresh air and sunshine. On special “treat days” she gave each $5.00, took them to the dollar store to fill their little buckets with favorites. Some spent only a dollar or two which helped them learn to figure change with the cashier. On summer evenings our grandchildren have sat with us on the balcony watching the fireworks in the sky while counting shooting stars. They learned to shell peas on their grandparents’ front porch, played in the cornfield and, with his permission, picked a favorite watermelon in uncle’s patch. Last month, one of my daughters had a surprise 18th birthday party for one of our grandchildren. She placed tables in the flowermeadow, with circling torches. As the group arrived they heard soft music and saw the torches and white tablecloths fluttering in the breeze. After pizza and cake, instead of a movie, they stayed outdoors and listened to the music while watching the fireflys and stars. One young adult said, “I feel as though I am in a dream.” The next weekend our granddaughter’s friends came again to sit outdoors and enjoy nature’s harmonious presentation. A marvelous new outdoor experience.
Blessings. Rita

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Hi, Rita. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas!

The 18th birthday celebration was certainly one to remember for a lifetime!