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Friday, March 19, 2010

Celebrating Spring with the Grandkids

Friday's Grand Connection Fun
by Mary May Larmoyeux

On the side of our house, what recently appeared to be lifeless bushes are now covered with young leaves and the promise of gorgeous roses. God truly gives us a wonderful gift in the seasons, and spring is here!

For those of us who have grandkids who live nearby, this would be a great weekend to celebrate spring by going on a nature walk together around the neighborhood or in a park. Our grandkids could join us in writing (or drawing, for those too young to write) what we see that's "new"—buds on trees, baby birds, spring flowers ...

You may want to print off some spring coloring pages and give them to your grand after the walk. I think that the Early Bird Gets the Worm coloring page is really cute for a young child. Spring coloring pages would be great to send to long-distance grands. And we can always follow that with a phone call or e-mail.

You may want to ask an older grandchild what is being made new in his/her life ... and share something that's being made new in your life (this can be done in person or by phone/e-mail). For example, if you are experiencing the pinch of tough financial times, you could share how you now have new opportunities to put your trust in God.

What ideas do you have for celebrating spring with the grandkids?

Have a great weekend,
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