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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Potholder fun

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Tuesday's Grand Connection Thought

When Pops and I were visiting a son and his family, a granddaughter took my hand and walked me to her bedroom. Scattered on her bed was an assortment of colored loops and a plastic potholder loom. Boy, did that bring back memories!

"Help me, Nana," she said as she bounced onto her bed, ready to work on her homemade creation. We then took turns weaving the loops together.

Our conversation went back to many decades ago. I told her that I made potholders for loved ones and friends when I was her age. We talked about a special one that I made as a child for some neighbors. I had worked so hard weaving the loops back and forth. When it was was finally "finished,"  I carefully removed the ends from the metal frame.

Then I put my special gift on a paper towel and carried it to the neighbors' house. It never dawned on me that the potholder's ragged ends would soon mean that it would fall apart.

As my granddaughter and I worked on her first potholder, she told me that it was fragile. That's when I realized that like her Nana, she didn't know that the ends needed to be woven together.

I'm sure that there's a spiritual application here somewhere. Perhaps how life quickly unravels unless we allow the Lord to hem in its edges (Psalm 139:5). Or maybe that life is made of good times and bad, all woven together like the varied colors of a potholder into something that has a unique purpose (Romans 8:28).

But for today, I'm reminded that some things never change ... like the joy of hearing birds sing on a cool spring morning or watching the sun set at the end of a long day. Like spending time with grandchildren, making potholders together ... recalling life so long ago.

Did you make potholders as a child? Have you made them with your grandkids?

I googled "potholders" and found what appears to be a great online source for them: http://www.liveandlearn.com/classiccrafts.html. Do you know of any good sources for potholders or similar crafts?

Have a great day,

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Anonymous said...

I remember making those pot holders. What a marvelous analogy. With the good Lord’s help we need to tie loose ends in our lives from time to time. - Rita

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you, Rita. Isn't it fun to remember!

Karen Barnes Jordan said...

I love your spiritual applications on this topic, Mary! Thanks for the memories!