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Friday, September 4, 2009

Audio Books

Friday'sGrand Connection Fun
by Mary May Larmoyeux

"You’ve been barreling down the highway for hours. Everyone’s dissolving into a state of terminal crankiness, including you. The kids cry “are we there yet?” each time a highway exit sign comes into view. The healthy snacks are long gone, you’re down to your last package of emergency Gummy Worms, and you’ve still got four more hours in the car ahead of you. You’re tempted to pull over on the highway and dump the entire crew. Don’t. Instead, pop an audio book into your tape or CD player, relax, and listen to a story."
The National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance

Have you discovered audio-books? Available in both bookstores and the library, they are a great resource to share with the grands, whether they live nearby or around the world.

When I spoke to a group of grandparents last week, one couple told about recording books for their grandkids, and sending them overseas where they lived with missionary parents. The grandparents rang a bell to indicate when it was time to "turn the page."

Pops and I did the same thing when some grandchildren lived out of state. We mailed them audio-books that we recorded, along with a copy of the books that we read. Their parents said that the kids loved it! (We had a little introductory message before each book or story that we read ... telling the grands how much we love them.)

Here's an idea: We could ask family members of all ages to record a favorite story or small book. How fun it would be to not only listen to these tapes or CDs together, but also to discuss the principles shared in the stories.

A good friend's father loved to tell family stories. One of her favorite possessions is a prized recording of him telling the tales that he so loved to share. Although he is no longer with her, she can still sense his presence as she hears his familiar voice and contagious laugh.

It takes a little time to record a favorite book, Bible passage, or family story, but it's well worth the effort! If you've recorded audio-books, what tips to do have for us?

Have a wonderful weekend,

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Anonymous said...

Audio books saved me when we first moved to Manhattan. I felt as though I had a friend telling me a story. I listened to books we studied in school but books I had not really been interested in at the time. I think it is wonderful for children and folks who are housebound, especially. - Rita

Karen Jordan said...

Great idea--recording your voice as you read a book for your grandchildren! I like the idea of recording your family and faith stories to pass down as a legacy, too. Thanks for the prompts, Mary.

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Hi, Rita. I've never thought about recording stories for those who are housebound. That would be a great thing to do for elderly loved ones who seldom leave their house! Thanks for sharing. - Mary

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Hi, Karen. It's so good to hear from you. You are so right about passing family and faith stories down as a legacy. - Mary