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Friday, August 7, 2009

Playhouses and Forts

Friday's Grand Connection Fun
by Mary May Larmoyeux

I just love playhouses and forts. What about you? Do they bring back any special memories?

My Dad and brother built a wonderful kid-sized log cabin when I was a child. My memory bank was filled with leisurely times in the "perfect cabin"—one built with neatly cut and stacked logs. Well, that picture came crashing down a few years ago when I saw a picture of our fort. Many of the logs didn't even line up. In reality, that didn't matter to a little girl in her make-believe world. It was perfect to me.

Our children used to make forts out of sheet-covered chairs, and they also built a tree house using boards and who knows what. Part of it still remains in our backyard today.

It's funny to think that I had absolutely no problem with the kids climbing high into the trees years ago, hanging on for dear life as they made their tree house. It's a lot harder for me to imagine letting our grandkids do this, but in a few years they just might repeat their fathers' legacy.

On another note, I saw a picture of the cutest "eco-friendly playhouse" in the August 2009 issue of Family Fun. It's not only a recyclable playhouse for toddlers, but also an art canvas for their older brothers and sisters.

And when I googled "make a playhouse," I discovered some directions for a playhouse made of pine (4 feet long by 3 feet wide and 4.5 feet tall). I just printed out the instructions because it looks like a great project for Pops to make. Wonder what he'll think?

Finally, for long-distance grands, we could order a recyclable playhouse and have it mailed directly to their home. Or, we could mail or e-mail directions for a pine playhouse.

Have a great weekend,

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