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Friday, May 2, 2014

How to Make a Newspaper Hat

Friday's Grand Connection Thought

Not too long ago I read a book to one of our grandkids about the monkey Curious George. George's antics made me think of the newspaper hats we made as children. Did you make them, too?

Not recalling exactly how to make these hats, I went to the Internet. E-How.com has some simple instructions that I've reworded below.

1) Take a large sheet of newspaper (two pages on each side, such as the front and back page of a Sunday paper).

2) Fold the newspaper on the current fold (as it comes from the newspaper).

3) Fold it in half again, this time horizontally, and bring the top of the paper to the bottom.

4) Now, fold the corners (on the folded side) until they meet in the middle. This will make a point.

5) Fold one piece of the bottom of the paper (towards the point).

6) Again, fold the bottom—until it overlaps a little of the point.

7) Flip the hat over.

8) Fold the sides in 1 1/2 - 2 inches ... it should look like a house. (Vary according to the size needed. Fold in only an inch or so for an adult head.)

9) Fold the bottom up twice.

10) Pull opening apart to make the hat shape.

You may want to check out How to Make a Newspaper Hat or How to Make a Pirate Hat. These instructions have pictures with them.

Making newspaper hats could be a fun activity to do with the grands on any day. It could also be a great activity for a family birthday party. Decorating the hats with stickers, markers, etc., will allow everyone to create unique hats ... and make special memories.

For long-distance grands: We could make the hats and mail them with some stickers, markers, etc. for decorations. Or, we could e-mail (or mail) the grandkids the directions and they can make the hats in their homes.

Have a great weekend!

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Mary May Larmoyeux


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Anonymous said...

Great idea! Very creative! My grandkids would enjoy this. - C.J.

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Good to hear from you, C.J. Hope the grands enjoy making the newspaper hats. - Mary

Karen Jordan said...

I sent these links to the g-kids, too. Thanks!

Rachat de credit said...

Thanks a ton it was a fantastic guide, now to make a newspaper hat is without a doubt easy by using your information. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Love the photo. Where’s his hat? -- Rita

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Good question, Rita! Wouldn't that monkey look cute in a newspaper hat!
-- Mary