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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First-Time Grandma

Tuesday's Grand Connection Thought
by Mary May Larmoyeux

I was visiting with a friend recently who had just found out that she’ll be a first-time grandma. As she told her exciting news, one big smile covered her face.

Her son and his wife had given her a present—a wrapped Willow figure of a grandparent and grandchild. When she opened it, she got the message.

Another friend shared how she and her husband were invited to a picnic by their daughter and son-in-law. When they saw their granddaughter at the park, she had on a T-shirt that said, “I’m going to be a big sister.” That meant ...

One of our sons and his wife gave us a CD with some family pictures on it. In the middle of the CD was a very special picture—of an ultrasound. We were thrilled because we knew another grandbaby was on the way!

How were you told that you were going to be a grandparent? Please post a comments below or e-mail me at mary@marymaywrites.com.

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Sharon Ball said...

My stepson is engaged to be married so in a year or two I might have a grandma story to share. :-)

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Ohhhh, Sharon. What great news about your stepson! Can't wait to hear your grandma stories someday.-- Mary

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your "First-Time Grandma" story. There are some really cute and clever ways to tell about that new grandbaby on the way. Our son and daughter-in-law had tickets to see the Houston Astros during the National
League Championship series, a series that they won, and sent them to the World Series (which they didn't win!).

Before the game, they asked us to meet them in Humble for dinner at Pappa's restaurant. We placed our order and were sitting there engaged in light conversation, when all of a sudden our son says, "Man, life couldn't be any better! Two great events could happen. We could be pregnant, and the Astros could win the World Series. Oh, wait! One of those has already happened!!" It took us a second, but then a slight squeal distracted diners around us. And...were they ever pregnant...we now have 3-year-old triplets...a girl and two boys. Isn't God great?! -- Vivienne

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story, Vivienne! - Mary

Karen Jordan said...

Yeh, and you can read all about those triplets on Vivienne's daughter-in-law's (Jessica) blog, In the Details @ http://inthedetailsjessicakirkland.blogspot.com