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Friday, January 18, 2013

Rainbows everywhere

Friday's Grand Connection Fun
by Mary May Larmoyeux

Not too long ago, two of our grandkids were looking out of our den window when they called out, “Come look at the rainbow!”

Pops and I are still talking about what we saw. There wasn’t just one rainbow; there were two. What a beautiful sight – a double reminder of God’s promise in Genesis 9 to never again destroy the earth by a flood.

I googled “rainbow” and found many activities that we can do with our grands such as: bake rainbow cookies, make rainbow streamers, and (my favorite) go on a rainbow walk.

Here’s my interpretation of a rainbow walk: Ask the grands to go on a walk with you, taking some of their favorite crayons and a pad of paper. Help them identify and color some of the things that God made. For example, after a grandchild points out a red rose, he/she can color a spot on the paper with the red crayon and write “rose” below it. Of course, older grands could actually draw pictures of what they see, and younger ones could just scribble the color on the paper without writing any words.

Have a great weekend. Hope you see a rainbow!

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Anonymous said...

Great picture with your post! kj

Mary May Larmoyeux said...

Thanks, KJ. -- Mary

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. The children will learn to see colors they have never noticed such as purple in a tree bark. Best, Rita